Technologies that Change the Equation

Maxout is focused on creating low-cost, highly efficient and scalable electronics that will move the solar energy industry toward its goal of competing head-to-head with coal and other cheap energy sources.

The Balancer extracts maximum power from every module in a solar installation, overcoming the effects of shade, clouds, dirt and age that can decimate system performance. It makes a system perform like it has extra panels, while providing vital health data to help you maintain optimal system performance. Available in 2016 the Balancer will improve the output of new residential arrays, retrofits, PPAs, and utility-scale fields.

The Polyverter, Maxout's single-phase inverter, uses a patent-pending power inverter technology to boost power harvest while dramatically reducing size, efficiency, and costs.

Separately these components increase the power output of any solar installation, from a small-rooftop array to a utiility-scale field. Used in conjunction, they represent a path to the magic mark of 10 cents per Watt, when solar finally makes perfect sense.